sheabutter-poster.jpgShea Butter Skin Care System for Sensitive and Allergy-Prone Skin

This extra gentle line of natural skin care products is designed for allergy-prone and highly sensitive skin.

The product line consists of Facial Cleanser, Tonic, Lotion and Cream. They are formulated with a minimum number of high quality natural ingredients and are free of substances that could cause irritations.

Key ingredients in this product line are steam-distilled rose water and elder-flower water in a base of nurturing shea butter and plant oils from certified organic sources. The mild, soap-free cleansing milk cleanses, softens and conditions without stressing or dehydrating skin; the uplifting tonic refreshes and calms easily irritated skin; the comforting lotion and cream leaves the skin lubricated and moisturized.

With regular use, Shea Butter Skin Care System aids in restoring clear and radiant skin.