happy-aging-poster.jpgHappy Aging Skin Care System

Love Your Age -Let the Beauty of Maturity Unfold”

Today’s vibrant and confident woman embraces her maturity with love, grace, and nurturing care; a beauty secret that goes far beyond any cosmetics. She stands behind her age and frees herself from the dictates of a youth-obsessed society. Genuine beauty has no seasons, it merely comes in many different looks and shapes. “Happy Aging” instead of “Anti-Aging” is the key that will keep us healthy and vibrant. As a woman discovers her true essence and authentic beauty, she accentuates and enhances her looks with a positive attitude, and a wholesome natural beauty strategy.

Many signs of aging are self-inflicted and due to neglect, lifestyle habits, prolonged stress, environmental stressors and inferior skin care products. We cannot turn back the clock of time, but we can offer our skin the best nurturing care possible to delay the aging process. Nature has provided an abundance of invaluable raw materials with nurturing and rejuvenating qualities.

Our Happy Aging skin care system is a line of sophisticated, genuine, natural formulas with a touch of added luxury. Precious plant oils and butters, rain forest plant extracts, and other valuable substances, deliver highly absorbable vitamins, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and other important nutrients.

The product line contains the rainforest plant cat’s claw as its key ingredient that has strong anti-oxidant activity and abundant vitality. Cats Claw has received worldwide recognition for the ability to activate the body’s self-healing system and counteracting cell-aging. The product line contains other star ingredients, such as pomegranate oil, bio-prosecco, water lily extract, sea buckthorn oil and grape kernel oil. They deliver living, highly absorbable vitamins, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and other essential nutrients to revitalize, firm, hydrate, smooth and protect mature and aging skin. Wholesome, skin-friendly and highly effective – Happy Aging Skin Care positively enhances a woman’s natural, maturing beauty.

The product line consists of facial cleansing milk, tonic, lotion, cream, mask, rejuvenation pearls, décolleté lotion, dâecollete spray, and breast massage oil.