weide.jpgGenuine Natural Skin Care Options for Skin Professionals

We are proud to provide you, the holistic skincare professional, with advanced, completely natural skincare options for each individual. Women, men and children are insisting on a more holistic approach to skincare – one that does not jeopardize their health at the expense of their beauty. The philosophy at Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik is to honor this innate connection between health, beauty and nature through the provision of the sophisticated product range of organic Natural Skin Care developed by Martina Gebhardt.

Trusted by both consumers and holistic skincare professionals, these products incorporate the finest herbal and aroma therapeutic ingredients and reflect Martina’s more than 20 year company commitment to the development of truly genuine skincare formulas. By working with the vast power of nature (rather than trying to out-compete her) we have uncovered the greatest success and effectiveness of products that work with the skin’s innate growth cycle.

In formulating her range, Martina drew on her knowledge and experience as an herbalist, researcher and environmentalist, as well as applying intuitive awareness and unearthing ancient secret formulas. This has earned her an esteemed reputation amongst consumers and skincare professionals alike, with over 140 different products now available globally. The state-of-the-art manufacturing company is situated at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps in Germany and employs 30 local women who manufacture, package and distribute nature’s finest products.

AbfuellungOel.jpgPurity and quality are synonymous with the Natural Skin Care range.

With organic certification, you can be assured that all products are contributing to reducing the toxic chemical cocktail of carcinogens, irritants and allergenic compounds absorbed into the body from most other conventional skincare products.

The award-winning products are regularly and independently tested for quality and purity, and consistently exceed the organic industry standards. This means that we don’t allow for simply adding one natural ingredient to the end of our ingredient list – rather each and every component is specifically selected from nature for it is healing, soothing, regenerating and beautifying purposes. This transpires into glowing, radiantly healthy skin that everyone can be proud of.